Defibrillator (AED) Servicing

Defibrillator (AED) Servicing

+Vat and consumables

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Your Defibrillator (AED) Servicing is a vital part of your AED life cycle and in maintaining your lifesaving piece of equipment. We can service your AED for you, change the batteries and pads and ensure it is functioning correctly.

Additional costs for consumables which vary depending on the brand include;

  • Batteries
  • Pads
  • Ancillaries such as razor, towel, scissors, etc.
  • Postage and packing

We can carry out your Defibrillator (AED) Servicing either by you sending it to us, or we can attend onsite to service it, however, that will include a mileage charge of £0.45p per mile door-to-door return plus the service fee.

The service checks include:

  • A visual check to ensure that the unit has full functionality and the is no damage to the case, screen, buttons and connections.
  • Battery and pad check for installation date and when replacements are due
  • A check of the pad terminal to make sure it is functioning and clear of debris
  • Confirmation that the pads attached are suitable to the model and in good condition
  • A check to see if the defibrillator will administer a shock correctly* - unit is connected to a simulator which produces a simulated heart wave. The defibrillator must administer a shock, at the right energy level, when appropriate (shockable heart rhythm, VF or VT) and not administer a shock when appropriate (no heart rhythm) to pass the test.
  • Service certification*

*Please note: to successfully complete the service and receive certification, your electrode pads and battery must be in date.

*Test shock excludes the Lifepak CR+ and Heartsine models. Please note if you own a Lifepak CR+, we recommend that you consider upgrading your device as this model has been continued and reports suggest the battery may not hold charge as well, due to the age of the unit.

An example of costs – recently we serviced a Zoll AED for a total of £245 including new batteries, pads, and an ancillary pack.

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