Health & Safety CDM2015 - Site Audits

Health & Safety CDM2015 - Site Audits

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Starting with a Hazard Assessment to find out where the major risks lie in your specific business, we will conduct an audit and prepare an Audit Report that will tell you whether or not you have the following minimums in place to the required standard:

  • A Health and Safety Policy
  • A Staff Handbook covering the major hazards in your business
  • Emergency Procedures
  • An Accident Book and reporting procedures
  • A Work-Place risk assessment
  • A Fire Risk risk assessment
  • A First Aid Assessment
  • A suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment and Safe Systems of work to cover the major hazards in your business
  • Systems and Procedures to Review, Monitor and Revise your health and safety control measures as required

Depending on the size of your company, depends on the duration of the audit so please get in touch with us to discuss your needs. 

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