Safety Harness Training

Safety Harness Training

+Vat for groups up to 12

What’s it about?

This Safety Harness training qualification is designed to cover all the components you need to consider before working from height. It will include the safe use and handling of a harness, inspecting the harness, understanding what a fall protection system is and outlining the employer’s and employees’ duty of care.

So what is a safety harness?

A safety harness is a form of protective equipment designed to safeguard the user from injury or death from falling. The core item of a fall arrest system, the harness, is usually fabricated from rope, braided wire cable, or synthetic webbing. It is attached securely to a stationary object directly by a locking device or indirectly via a rope, cable, or webbing and one or more locking devices. Some safety harnesses are combined with a shock-absorbing lanyard, which regulates deceleration and prevents a severe G-force injury when the rope’s end is reached.

This course is ideal for anyone who works from a height where a harness is required. A poor-fitting safety harness can prove very dangerous; that is why training is vital for those who commonly use a harness whilst working at height. The skills you gain will help reduce the risk of a potentially fatal accident and protect your company from the repercussions of those accidents.

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