Safety Health and Environmental Awareness SHEA Power

Safety Health and Environmental Awareness SHEA Power

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The SHEA Power course is an online course. Once you have booked your place, joining instructions will be sent to you within 24hrs. The course will take place over Zoom, all participants must have a working camera and microphone which must be on for the duration of the course.

Start Time: 08:30am

Duration: 8hrs approx..

If you wish to book us to deliver Face to Face at your site, please get in touch with us on 0333 339 9037.

Course Information

The SHEA (Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness) Power Passport Scheme Training course provides a uniform approach to health, safety and environmental awareness across the utilities sector. The passport scheme has been developed in collaboration with industry in order to meet Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines.

This power industry training programme now includes additional modules on power industry hazards and power generation and distribution.

The 1 day course can accommodate up to a maximum of 12 delegates per day. 

This course is currently available as a virtual course up to 10 delegates, to attend the course delegates must have access to a computer or laptop that uses a microphone and webcam.

About the Scheme

Our Safety Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA) suite of schemes has been developed in collaboration with industry to provide a uniform approach to health, safety, and environmental awareness training across the utilities sector, in line with Health and Safety Executive guidelines.

Our SHEA Power scheme is designed for individuals who require access to operational sites within the power industry, both permanent and temporary, at all levels including operatives, supervisors and management.

The SHEA Power scheme comprises of eight modules. Six modules are ‘core’ modules and are relevant for all utility industries and support workplace practice in relation to health, safety and environmental law. Two modules provide the power industry-specific content.  It is designed to provide evidence that an individual has demonstrated an appropriate level of knowledge, understanding and behavioral awareness. Individuals must complete all eight modules and pass the SHEA Power assessment to gain EUSR SHEA Power registration. It is an Energy & Utility Skills Passport scheme and does not indicate any level of technical competence or skilled expertise.

Registration on EUSR

Registration is based on the successful completion of a training program and assessment. Training is delivered through a network of Energy & Utility Skills approved trainers and they all deliver the same training program and assessment.  The training usually lasts about one working day and is interactive, with trainer-led activities plus individuals are invited to share and discuss their own experiences with the group.

EUSR registration for SHEA Power is for three years from the date of assessment.

SHEA Additional

Where an individual already has a SHEA registration on EUSR and they require registration for another SHEA scheme they can sometimes undertake a reduced programme of training and assessment for the additional SHEA scheme; the modules in one SHEA scheme can ‘count’ or ‘be converted’ towards achievement of another SHEA scheme.

All SHEA schemes contain the same SHEA core content, SHEA Core, which means the current SHEA registration can be used as ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ (RPL).  This means no duplicate learning or assessment already covered.

Historically this was called ‘Conversion’ because some of the modules of the current SHEA registration is ‘converted’ into a new SHEA registration.

There are some rules for using RPL in SHEA – there must already be a current and valid SHEA EUSR registration in order to take the Additional SHEA modules towards a further SHEA registration.  The start date of the further SHEA registration will be backdated to the start date of the current SHEA; this is important as this aligns the timing of the SHEA Core renewal modules.

Registration gained from an ‘addition’ will expire on the same date as the original SHEA scheme.

For example: If your EUSR registration for SHEA Power is dated 09/05/2021 and you use modules in this scheme to access reduced training and assessment for a SHEA Water registration, both registrations will expire on 08/05/2024.

SHEA Additional was formerly known as ‘SHEA Conversion’, ‘SHEA reciprocity’ and ‘SHEA transition’.

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