Positive Behaviour Management And Breakaway Training

Positive Behaviour Management And Breakaway Training

+Vat for groups up to 8

The positive behavior management and breakaway course place the highest possible emphasis on preserving and developing the empathic relationship between people who exhibit challenging behavior and those who work with them.

The Positive Behaviour Management course can be tailored to the requirements of the staff and the nature of service users. e.g. hospital, care home, or domiciliary setting.

The syllabus covers such topics as:

  • How legislation, frameworks, codes of practice, and policies relate to PBM
  • Development of knowledge and skills to promote personal safety and promote positive behavior
  • What underpins challenging behavior and the use of proactive and reactive strategies
  • Environmental changes that assist in the management of challenging behavior
  • Responding appropriately to incidents of challenging behavior
  • The psychological and physiological impact of aggression on all involved
  • Understanding the aftermath of challenging behavior and the importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment for all
  • Understanding the criteria for intervention and the legal context for breakaway
  • The safe application of de-escalation and breakaway techniques
  • The practice of de-escalation and breakaway techniques
  • Reviewing and revising approaches to promoting positive behavior

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